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One jaded Daddy. One brand new boy. A fake relationship that becomes all too real.


It’s bad enough I have to move back to Paddle Creek with my awful stepmom, but now my half-brother’s best friend has decided he has to look after me—even pretending to be my new boyfriend for a family wedding to keep my stepmother off my back. What Ruben doesn’t know is that I’ve been in love with him for as long as I can remember and spending so much time with him is torture. Until it isn’t. I can’t believe that he’s interested in me and even wants to be my Daddy, unlocking something in me I never knew was there. But when my stepmom goes too far, can I rely on Ruben to be there for me seeing as no one else in my life ever has?


When my life-long best friend asks me to keep an eye on his half-brother, of course I agree. Except he’s a young man now, not a kid, and he’s tugging at every single one of my Daddy heartstrings. Xander has just moved back into town and between finishing his degree, part-time work, and hellish stepmother, he’s stressing himself into knots. It’s a long time since a boy interested me, but I just want to protect Xander from the whole world. No matter the cost.

Little Pleasures is a steamy, standalone MM romance. It’s the third book in the Paddle Creek College series, where it’s always the quiet ones who get up to the best kind of trouble. This book features a Daddy introducing a boy to his inner little, the most loyal doggy best friend, a lot of dinosaurs, a heart-stopping rescue, and a guaranteed HEA with absolutely no cliffhanger. CW: Age play but no ABDL.